What is the NPSOA PrintOwners list?

The NPSOA PrintOwners list is a NPSOA members-only, online discussion group, created for the owners of printing & sign businesses. We currently have more than 500 owner-members in our online discussion group. Every day, list members ask and answer each others’ questions using our group email forum. The NPSOA PrintOwners list is easy to use, and members are free to participate as much or as little as they like. We define an owner as a person who has at least a 5% share of ownership in a printing or sign company, with hiring/firing privileges and complete access to the company’s financial records.

How does the NPSOA PrintOwners list work?

The easiest way to understand the PrintOwners list is to think of it as another way to send and receive email. The only difference is that when you send an email to the NPSOA PrintOwners list, our powerful list servers will simultaneously send your message to every other member on the list. Sending an email to the list is called posting. Currently, there are an average of about 75 posts a day to the PrintOwners list. The discussions cover a variety of print-related topics, and the PrintOwners list is considered an extremely valuable resource by those who utilize the service.

Why is it so valuable?

The list is a great place to discuss any problems and issues you’re facing at your printing firm. You can find out what equipment works and what doesn’t. Sales and marketing ideas are often shared. And if you need to get a second opinion on a complicated estimate, you can ask your fellow print owners. Everything is discussed on the NPSOA PrintOwners list. The discussions are not approved by a moderator before they are posted to the list, and content is read only by other list members. It’s not available to the general public.

Who is eligible to join the NPSOA PrintOwners list?

Our membership is exclusive, for the Owners and their Second-in-Command. The NPSOA PrintOwners list is not intended for vendors, suppliers, sales reps, editors from trade publications, and printing & sign industry consultants; if you’re not an owner of your printing or sign company, we respectfully ask that you do not attempt to join the NPSOA PrintOwners list.

How can I keep from getting my inbox flooded with too many emails?

You can receive the list in two ways. Every email as they are sent to the list or as a Daily Summary.

With every email you can expect about 60-80 email messages from the list to come to your inbox every day. Most list members set up a rule in their email client that automatically routes NPSOA PrintOwners messages into their own separate folder. Having a file folder just for the PrintOwners list accomplishes two things. First, it allows you to read the messages at your leisure without (second) creating an ’emailoverload’ burden because they are co-mingled with all of your personal and customer emails.

You can also use an alias email account to help you manage the increased volume of emails you’ll be receiving. An alias account is a secondary email address that you set up for your PrintOwners list membership. If you choose to use an alias account, we ask that you provide the list manager with your primary email address, so it is possible for him to contact you without his email “getting lost” among the 60-80 emails a day that will fill your inbox.

Daily Summaries are available where you will receive the days interactions in one email.

Are there any obligations for joining?

Yes, there is one expectation of all list members. Your only obligation is to participate in the “Question of The Week” surveys that are periodically requested. Usually, the surveys take less than two minutes to complete. The more printers who participate in our surveys, the more valuable and accurate the results of the survey will be. The Question of The Week surveys will provide you with a lot of helpful information. Your participation in the periodic survey is your only obligation for joining.

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