Quick thank you to the list, I have ask about a small laundry list of items in the past few weeks and the list has delivered.

1. Shipping software - Shipleap solution in progress
2. After hours pick box - clevermade box referred by list ordered and getting wrapped ready to be put into service
3. New cutter blade supplier referral - 3 new blades arrived this week.
4. Label vendor referral- AmeriCal help close a sale to a new customer and labels are expected to be delivered first of next week.

Thank you for the referrals and recommendations!

Derek Teasley PrintGraphics | Kennesaw, Ga

This list has saved me not only lots of money, but lots of time. I have also learned more from all these printowners than any book.

Joe Dominick Dominick's Quality Printing | Ontario, Oregon

I have been on the Printowners list since the day it started. I believe I would not be in business today or have made many more mistakes without the help of other printowners. Today I count many members as some of my best friends and advisors.

John M. Henry Mitchell Printing & Mailing Inc | Oswego, New York

PrintOwners has been an invaluable source of information for our business. We can get straight-forward information about industry suppliers and vendors, which helps when trying to make decisions about purchases. There is also a great amount of "how to" and "how NOT to" information about processes and products that is very helpful.

Greg Boyanton Boyanton Printing, Inc. | Flowood, Mississippi

If you want to read only what's "good" about equipment and emerging technologies, then stick with the advertiser supported trade publications. But if you want real world experience, both good and bad, post a question on the PrintOwners List. Chances are someone has already been there, done that.

The Printowner's List levels the playing field between printers and their vendors by providing information regarding problems that, before the advent of the list, vendors typically shrugged off with a "You're the only one having this problem."

Ron Taggart Printing Concepts, Inc. | Stow, Ohio

This list has been priceless. If you have a problem, then post it to the list...and presto...you have 20 or more answers. If you need a source for something from unusual paper to a repair person, bam, you have answers. Can't get a file to print or convert, they are there. They'll even offer to convert the file if you email to them.

The printers on this list are never too busy to help another printer. When they know you are really frustrated and desperate, they will even pick the phone and call you.

I know I am never alone with this list available.

Carolyn Grieves Printing Creations, Inc. | Yorktown, Indiana

The advice and insight on this list have been invaluable to me since I bought my father’s business several years ago. Dad had a lifetime in the print industry to help him when he got started, but I needed more -- and between the PrintOwners list and the NAQP, I have been able to steer the ship.

Thanks for the technical assistance, the mentoring, the terrible jokes and being able to better my business with other owners’ mistakes and triumphs. Perhaps eventually I will be able to give back what I have gotten.

Scott Finke Brentwood Printing & Envelope | Cincinnati, Ohio

The Printowners Group has been an invaluable source of information for anything pertaining to the print business. I have been involved in printing since 1976 starting out as a pressman and now an owner for the last 19 years and I still learn new things on a weekly basis from this group. I personally think it is in some ways more informative than trade magazines. Being located in a very rural area we don't have the opportunity to network with others in the profession as others do in larger urban areas. Coupled with the fact that the people on the list are willing to share their experiences so unselfishly with others never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to the day when Tracy and I can attend the annual conference and meet some of the people we see in type on our screens everyday, as they do seem like they are true friends.

I believe it is the most valuable resource for information and the easy part is all you have to do is ask a question!! Any printowner out there who is considering joining I VERY HIGHLY recommend that you do.

David Charleson Commercial Press Inc. | Canton, New York

I consider the Printowners List to be one of the most important resources that I have for my business. We've been printing for almost 20 years and we find that there is always more to learn. In fact, there is more to know about this business now than there was 20 years ago and you need something like the list in order to keep up.

Got a business-related problem or a question? Post it to the list and get almost immediate feedback from your peers who have been there and done that. Want to avoid making a potentially costly mistake and not sure what to do? Post a question and find out what others have done. Want to keep up with the latest issues related to printing (and sometimes not)?... browse the postings.

It's just one of many valuable tools that I would not want to be without.

Brian Helminen Designotype Printers, Inc. | Calumet, Michigan

This happens to be my second year on the list & I can honestly say that being able to discuss our daily concerns and to provide assistance to others is priceless! I've posted concerns and addressed many of my peer's questions. The printowners list is an invaluable tool. One of the most important & fastest to attain information to help in my business.

Tommy Melendez Copy That, Inc. | Bronx, New York

Words cannot explain how valuable this list has been to me, both personally and professionally. In 1998 tragedy struck when my sister-in-law (our bookkeeper) was killed when their vehicle hit a moose, the folks on this list were there to lend support. Now, 10 years later, the list is still going strong and whether I need a file converted or have questions on equipment or pricing or need ideas on promoting our business (thanks Charlene for the great idea on hosting an open house, it was a huge success), this list is well worth 10 times the price :). Some of the best advice I have ever received is to not be afraid to raise prices and charge a fair price for our work (thanks Scott, John and others). It put me in a whole new mindset and really launched our business to the next level. Thanks PrintOwners, you are a GREAT resource!

Charles Lincoln Advance Printing Company | Fairbanks, Alaska

The information available about vendors other list members use has been priceless. I appreciate how freely others share their knowledge.

Steve Salstrom Bay Business Printing | Bellingham, Washington

This list has been the most useful of any online resource for printing business related knowledge, more than any industry magazine. One can learn a lot through Google, but not of the first-hand experiences of fellow printing company owners.

Simon Sheers Sheer Graphics | Westmont, Illinois

I worked in the industry for one year, and purchased my business 3.5 years ago. One of my competitors (and friend) here in town told me about the group, and suggested I join since I didn’t have much experience in printing. I come from a marketing background and did promotions and track management prior to moving here and jumping in.

I mostly do lurking, reading the posts and trying to learn what I can. Without the wealth of information I have accumulated from the group, I don’t think I would be making it through the first couple years of business ownership. I’ve learned about pricing (I’m not charging enough!), equipment purchases, where to get parts, how to fix broken equipment and software glitches, and had a place to vent with other people that know exactly what I am going through. I cannot say enough about the knowledge and friendships I’ve gained by being part of the PrintOwners list.

The best part for me is that I’m finally in a position where I can actually post some helpful things and stop being so much of a lurker. A few months ago I was able to post some information and to call another printer to walk their graphics person through InDesign numbering. It felt so good to finally be able to give back to the group. I know it’s a small step, but it was pretty big for me.

I live in Faribanks, Alaska. I don’t have a huge resource base here and I’m not geographically able to meet with other printers often. Having the group has made the world a much smaller place, and I know I have resources at the touch of a keyboard. I feel very fortunate to have this site, and I appreciate it so very much. Thank you!

Michelle Maynor Interior Graphics & Printing | Fairbanks, Alaska

This is the best resource I have ever had for printing. I have grown up in printing, starting in my uncle's shop in the mid 60's, getting a degree in printing management in '73, working for large & small shops until we bought this in 1985. The resource of information in college, from trade shows & seminars, from litho clubs are all very good, but pales in comparison to the "real world" experiences & expertise of several hundred print shop owners. We definitely would not be where we are today without having the expertise shared from other printowners. Not casting a bad light on trade shows & seminars, it's just that they are often one sided toward their product.

Ron Livingston Cornerstone Press | Mesquite, TX

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